How to Accelerate the Growth of Dash

  1. FastPass>Exchanges — Categorically
  2. Gaming>Ready Raider — Categorically
  3. Remittance>LATAM Corridors — Category/Geography
  1. FastPass — Demand (traders) is again probably the main driver here as there is already a substantial amount of supply (exchanges). DCG appears to be focused on driving demand through an automated trading platform that drives volume to Fast Pass partners. If demand increases then DCG should be able to push more exchanges to adopt FastPass.


It all starts with:

  1. Brainstorm ideas as to apps that can be built to help drive more demand to Venezuela specifically. Dashpay is a huge one but what else could help them day to day? One example is a disbursement app that allows business owners to easily pay their employees in Dash. Or a Rewards/Loyalty app that allows users to get discounts when using Dash.
  2. Brainstorm ideas as to how we ensure quality of the marketplace? One example is a yelp like app that allows you to find/review merchants.
  3. Brainstorm ideas as to how we increase merchant supply in Venezuela. One example is an online ordering solution that allows merchants to easily set up an online store and accept payments via Dash. Something like



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